year 26.


A little over a week ago I turned 26. In case you’re wondering, I am now closer to 30 than 20. What?! When did that happen? Don’t get me wrong, I love getting older, welcoming each new chapter along the way, I just can’t believe how fast it goes. Each chapter seems to speed along a bit quicker than the last… yikes!

Either way, I’m using year 26 to take the time to appreciate little moments more and worry about little moments less. Sounds like a plan to me. Happy February everyone, it’s one of the best months after all.

P.S. I wish I had more pictures from the last few weeks… next post I promise!


travelin’ man.

since starting his new job, curtis has gone on two business trips to phoenix, leaving this sad sack behind. it’s no picnic for him either, with busy season in full swing (accountant talk). he’s been working long hours, with little breaks just long enough to sleep in between. he’s coming back tomorrow and i’m excited. two weeks is a long time to go without one of your favorite peeps. in the meantime, we like to send pictures back and forth of what we’ve been doing… or what we’ve been eating rather. it’s our own weird way of staying connected. here are a few snapshots from our lives (dinner tables) lately!!

travelinman1 travelinman2


travelinman3 travelinman4



i’m so excited for you to get back on that plane tomorrow mr!


a year in review.

happy new year!! with the new year staring me in the face (nearly a week in!!), i can’t help but reflect on the last year curtis and i had. there were several highs and lows, but i am thankful and blessed by every experience.

in one year we’ve said goodbye to dear friends in oklahoma and moved home to california (the bay area no less), we watched the giants sweep the dodgers & win another world series,  shared in heart wrenching moments of loss with friends and family, celebrated with four of our closest friends at their weddings,  curtis passed all of his tests and became a CPA (whoa!), we got to love on our sweet little nephew lots, we spent several hours/days by the pool with fabulous friends and i got the greatest deal on limes of anyone’s lifetime… that seems like just a snapshot of our year, but what a year it was!

  20130104-124209.jpg  20130104-124154.jpg

//thunder win the western conference + lots of giggles with our main boy//

35521_3803050356267_280212427_n 577308_3797438695979_1747481565_n

//plane ride with our brother + more baby cuddles//

photo 3 photo 4

//giants sweep the dodgers (duh) +gilroy garlic fries//

553636_4211393604593_44285254_n 575600_4116040540826_836095486_n

//20 limes for a $1?? + sister love in california//

544995_4120847340993_1759687308_n 396941_4116275306695_516119229_n

//some of my favorite ladies + the best guy around//

315444_4276940683229_143427579_n photo 9

//road trip move from OK > CA//

photo 15 photo 11

//california staples + giants playoff game!//

photo 12 photo 13

//gelato date//

photo 14 photo 10

//stanford campus bike ride + sunny day in santa cruz with friends!//


//one of our last pictures of 2012, hello 2013!!//

we can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store for us, happy new year everyone!

(sorry for the photo overload, a lot can happy in a year!)